Researchers tell us the majority of what we do every day is habitual. In a sense we are running on auto-pilot.


Some Habits are good. 

Certain habits help keep us safe, promote hygiene and help us succeed in our careers.


Some habits create stress and unwanted behavior.


Often these "bad" habits cause us to lead a life that is not true to ourselves. This can cause Professional and Family strife.


You can design new habits and Re-engineer Habits you do not want any more.

Let's face it we all have habits.​

Positive Habits:

  • Brush our teeth twice a day

  • Wash our hands before we eat

  • Clean up a messy room

  • Eat healthy foods

  • Get to work on time

  • Get plenty of sleep

Habits that Hold us Back:

  • Feeling rushed and anxious

  • Snapping at people at home or at work

  • Binge eating when you have a tough decision

  • Nervous when entering a meeting

  • Going along with others when you know it's risky

“Change is Hard”.....that's a myth!


Sure, some changes like overcoming addictions (alcohol, drugs, gambling, etc.) can be a real challenge and often require specialized help. Good news is most of the habits we either want to change or new ones we want to create can be designed using a simple easy to learn method.

Tiny Habits® breaks through that myth

What makes change hard is taking on a too large a challenge all at once.

We've all heard of someone who decided to lose 75-pounds all at once and failed

Wise advice: How do you eat an elephant.....One bite at a time!


Most people know the best way to accomplish something big is to approach it in smaller pieces.


In our example your chances of success improve if you plan to lose 1-pound at a time.

Whether you are a CEO of a global corporation, entrepreneur, customer facing worker at a services company, volunteer at a non-profit, teacher, plumber, electrician, postal worker, farmer, single parent, senior citizen or basically….. all of us!


You can design new habits and eliminate those you don't want.